Sfendoni cave Bali  Route6

Sfendoni cave Bali Route6

Ready to throw adrenaline? Then we rent a car and drive along the mountain, narrow, serpentine roads of Crete.


Built in the wild Cretan landscape on the slope of mountain, Arolithos is small but beautiful traditional Cretan village. Here one may enjoy silence and antiquity. Village was built at the beginning of 80 with a thought of imitation of old-time mode of life, where everything was genuine and pure.


Anogia village is one of 15 medieval villages in Crete. From ancient times, village was inaccessible due to its location high in the mountain. Therefore Anogia has kept its pure nature, habits, and traditions, as well as its peculiar dialect of greek language.


Axos Village is located among grove of fruit trees and is one of the ancient villages in Crete. Under the Romans and later in Byzantine period, Axos was a quite powerful center. Today, the Cretan culture of this town is cherished by locals. One may find here traditional architecture and meet mountaineer's manner of life

Sfendoni cave

One of the most beautiful caves of Greece with rich stalactite and stalagmite decoration. Sfendoni cave is located at the altitude of 800 meters and occupy the area of 3200 sq.m. with its archeological importance and interesting Mythologies.

Melidoni cave

Small but an extremely charming mountain village Melidoni with its rich history. Nowadays, village has kept its medieval architectural guise and interesting traditions.


Picturesque fishing township, first mentioned in the Venetian times of Crete. Bali has very attractive nature: various vegetable life, solitary beaches with crystal water, and mild atmosphere.

Fodele beach

Fodele is a real oasis, due to the river Pantomantis, that flows through the village. Main sight of Fodele is the house of famous painter El Greco( Domenicos Theitokopoulos)

Lygaria beach

Lygaria is a small township with its narrow stretch sand and warm and clean waters. It’s a perfect and popular place to relax, enjoy clean sea and warm sun, as well as taste a Cretan cuisine in tavern Sirocco

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