Balos beach Route 11

Balos beach Route 11

Balos is certainly the most photographed beach in Crete


A small town located in the northwestern part of Crete.Kastelli Kissamos, got its name in honor of the Venetian fortress,which, unfortunately did not preserved until today. Since ancient times, Kissamos played an important role as an economic center in Chania, because of its fertility. Here, in large quantities, locals produce olive oil, wine, raki, raisins and grapes.

Kissamos Port

Kavonisi Kissamos port is located outsideof the city of Kissamos. We offer you a real adventure by a safe and fast touristic ship, where you could enjoy the local magnificent landscapes, sea and walking tours, and archaeological monuments.


The island of Imeri Gramvousa is located 20km northwest of Kissamos, opposite the imposing Cape of Gramvousa and 2 miles northwest of the famous lagoon of Balos.
Gramvousa is famous for its historical Venetian fortress, which still stands at a height of 137m, over the beach. The fort had also been used by pirates. One legend tells that there is a great treasure buried in the island. Also, the old wreck that was abandoned many years ago near the beach, has become an characteristic part of the landscape.
On the south side of the island there are two large bays, with the wreck being between them.


The famous lagoon of Balos is a shallow sandy beach formed between the Cape of Gramvousas the smallest Tigani cape. Balos is certainly the most photographed beach in Crete, a very favorite subject of all tourist guides in Greece. It is famous for its turquoise waters, the wild natural beauty and wonderful exotic landscape

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