About Crete

About Crete

Rental cars on Crete

Have you ever travelled on Crete? It is the island, with its intransmissible atmosphere and liveliness, enjoys great (and well-deserved!) popularity among tourists. You may find certainly everything here: picturesque gorges and bewitching with its beauty lakes, monasteries and ancient fortresses, lovely villages and magnificent beaches. And, of course, here you will have the opportunity to purchase nice souvenirs and evaluate the masterpieces of local cuisine.

Heraklion city

It is one of the largest cities on Crete. Heraklion is the administrative, commercial and tourist centre of the island.
So that means, that your journey will most likely start from there.
Nowadays Heraklion is a lively, modern city with hundreds of hotels, shopping malls and entertaining centres. Obviously, centuries-old history made it one of the top travel destinations. Undoubtedly, the most honourable place among the wonderful things of the city rightfully belongs to the Archaeological Museum. Its expositions will tell you a lot about Minoan culture. Besides that, lovers of antiques should visit Saint Titus Cathedral, the world-famous Palace of Knossos, the Morosini Fountain and many other splendid places.

Rethymno and Chania city

Rethymno city is located on the western part of the island. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. You will certainly be charmed by the narrow streets of the old city with their special colour.
Once you are here, you will definitely walk along the promenade to enjoy the view of the old port, and in addition, visit the majestic fortress Fortezza. The city of Chania is located just nearby. Visiting the city will bring a lot of unforgettable expressions for those who dreamt about sea voyage during their youthfulness. Old port from the 14th century and lighthouse, that was erected in the 16th century is worth seeing. However, even if you are not too keen on the adventures of pirates and brave sailors, there are many wonderful treasures for everyone in Crete, the meeting with which will remain in your memory for a long time. The dramatic history of the Island, multiple tragic and heroic pages are hidden behind the walls of ancient fortresses, museums and monasteries of Crete. And also, Crete is about absolutely incredible nature: mountain peaks and shady ravines, caves and plateaus, stunning lakes and waterfalls. And of course, its piercing-blue sea, cosy coves and the great beaches of Crete, well-maintained and “wild”, for those who seek some peace and solitude.

Car hire on Crete

Of course, you dream about new experiences, wonderful relaxation, hundreds of stunning pictures and souvenirs for friends and relatives, when going to Crete. However, very often tourists unable to realize all their plans. Being a part of an “organized” group, you will not have much time to just stay and admire the sights of Crete, think about the eternal, touch of beauty.
Is there a way to see exactly what you are interested in, visit those museums and monuments that excite your imagination? Of course, it is! Using the " rental cars on Crete" service, you will receive a modern, comfortable car for the period of time you need, which will provide a real opportunity to go wherever you want.

Car rental in Crete is the best option for a family vacation when only you decide whether you should continue driving or have a break, go to the beach, visit museum or tavern.
What does this look like in practice? Should I rent a car in Crete upon arrival or do it in advance online? Take a look at our website or consult with our managers, in order to get answers to these questions.


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