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Why you choose us  "The New Crete" for car rental in Crete:
 1. We are working in Greece more than 9 years and are pleased to provide our experience and quality car rental services for you. Car rental in Crete is an absolutely safe and convenient way of travelling around the island and viewing our sights. Remove the car in Crete is very simple, you just need to leave the application - everything else will make our specialists.
 2. We have been working long and hard, our image is very important for us. Our insurance conditions are fair. When booking a car you will receive a copy of the example of insurance in electronic form immediately and you can actually make sure that our customers do not incur any additional costs in the event of an unpleasant situation. Thenewautotour is a service on the road 24 hours a day, you can simply call the Greek representation and in a short time and a new car will be delivered, we deal all the problems with the police and with other participants of an unpleasant situation. You can continue your journey immediately.
 3. Our pricing policy is the most loyal to the client. You can download our app thenewcrete in appstore which has a description of all attractions of Crete. Its interactive guide will tell you about the sights and landscapes, monuments of a World Heritage, which are diversed in our beautiful island!

Why it is safe to rent a car on Crete with the company  THE NEW CRETE.

 Often people who come to Crete face the question how to move around the island. 
Some don't trust strange insurances, some are afraid of different driving rules, some are afraid that they will not be met at the airport or that other problems may occur.
With us you can forget it all!
We have big experience of car rent on Crete, we have well-developed system of meeting our clients at the airport, sea port or when the car is brought to the hotel. 
If you want to be met at the airport, you just write us your arrival date and name of the hotel - and your car will be waiting for you at hotel's parking right in time!
Our insurance system is
 All inclusive или FDW (Full Damage Waiver), which means that we cover all expenses connected with any unpleasant situations on the road, whether it is car damage (car body, glasses, tires), or other movable and immovable property.
If there is a car accident, our worker brings you another car and our company solves all the rest of questions about it. Right after meeting our worker you go on with your trip.
Cooperation with our company is relaxation while resting! Our focus - is your rest! 

It is boring without a car in Greece

 Greece is a small country with the population 12 mln people, but it is visited by more than 17 mln people every year. It has such popularity due to rich historical heritage, which everyone can see with a car, rented in Greece.
The territory of the country which is not very big, and high quantity of tourists makes organized excursions not that pleasant to remember after visiting Greece. It is much more pleasant to sit into your own car and be where you want to be at certain time.
Greek sightseeing: when a car is better than a bus.
 Organized excursions offer visiting a beautiful island Spinalonga, Zeus cage, freshwater lake Kournas, Minoan palace, lots of beaches, churches, architectural memorials, picturesque places.
Ancient monuments of legendary island Crete will not leave any tourist indifferent. Only one thing can bore a tourist - bus excursions organization.
Not only their price is almost the same as car rent, but also they include superficial explanations, high speed of telling. And a company in the bus may be such, that you will mostly remember the worst life sides of your country instead of watching beautiful Greece.
It is much easier to use a car and choose the best route for you. 

Crete is the pearl of Greece

 Crete is the biggest island of the country, more than 2 mln tourists visit it every year.
Here you can spend all days at nice clean and beautiful beaches, but even those who like such rest most of all, will be attracted by Knossos sightseeing. 
Car rent on Crete will allow to get acquainted with the heritage of the ancient Minoan civilization. 
Personal transport will bring you to Amnis port, summer palace Arhan, Zakros palace and other monuments of this important period of Cretan history. Crete still keeps Byzantine fortresses, ancient Roman cities and temples, royal villas and Doric settlements, cemeteries and monasteries.
The beauty of the highlands and valleys of the island, its lakes and bays is also important. 
Car rent on Crete is an amazing opportunity to visit legendary beaches, not changing your place of living. Palm beaches in Preveli and Vai, comfortable Komos and Balos - why not to go there while your hotel neighbours rush to occupy a sunbed near the hotel.

A car on Crete is comfortable, funny and affordable.

Today you can get for rent modern comfortable cars with acceptable prices.
An extended roads system allows to reach the most remote places of the island for all curious travelers.
For those tourists who like difficult wild routes, car rent on Crete will give wheel drive cars.
Friendly companies can go to neighbor beach with a mini bus, and families with many kids can rent a minivan. All cars are new models and correspond the highest standards of comfort which makes your trip more pleasant.
Those who try to save some money, can take cars with economic engine.
For those who are more romantic, on the south there exists only one kind of transport, of course these are cabriolets, which help to breathe in deeply the sea breeze and enjoy the bright sun while traveling.
With a private car you'll never be bored in Greece!

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