Airport Kasteli Crete

Airport Kasteli Crete

Kasteli Airport in Crete

The erection of the contemporary Kasteli International Airport has begun 40 kilometres apart from the capital of Crete, the city of Heraklion. Its territory will be two times larger compared to Airport Nikos Kazantzakis, the currently operating airport. The greater possibilities of the brand-new air harbour will diminish the passenger traffic at N. Kazantzakis Airport, which is experiencing considerable overloads that unavoidably taking place in the midst of the tourist season.

A new aircraft harbour will be constructed near the suburb of Kastelli, where a military landing field was based before. Furthermore, a 17 km road segment will be laid here. It will deliver convenient accessibility to the A90 motorway, which runs along the coastline through the Limin-Hersonissos region. Using the service "car rental in Crete", travellers get to the hotel rapidly and easily, take a road trip to get familiar with the tourist spots of Crete. We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that rent car Crete will delight you with affordable prices and brilliant service. It is truly, very advantageous, particularly for family trips.

The new airport plan provides for the presence of two runways. The length of each one will be 3.2 km in full accordance with the regulations of intercontinental standards. At very least 30 aircraft will have an opportunity to taxi to the runway, deplane and enplane passengers, as well as carry out other manoeuvres here. The technical features of the new aiport will supply all the conditions for receiving and dispatching large aircraft and airbuses.

The new, convenient terminal will be composed of 5 levels, the whole territory of ​​which will be 72 000 m². At least 13 000 m² of it will be dedicated for business use. Moreover, it is planned to equip a wide exposition area. The entire amount of funds that will be devoted to the realization of this large-scale plan will compose to 850 million euros. The aiport will be put into service in 2025.

At a ceremony dedicated to the launch of construction, the Prime Minister of Greece made a speech where he expressed the hope that the modern international airport will turn into greatest one in the Eastern Mediterranean. The contemporary, large aiport will offer an approach to Crete for tourists from Europe, Africa and the Middle East throughout the entire yea. And it will launch new possibilities for the tourism industry and tour operators.

We would like to point out that not each and every supported the idea of establishing a new air harbour with delight. Some representatives of the local inhabitants are having a point of view that the reconstruction of the current Airport Nikos Kazantzakis could be more modest in terms of financial costs. What is more, majority of them consider: the air harbour, located at a great distance from Heraklion, will make it difficult for tourists to visit one of the major and nicest cities, such as Rethymnon and Chania. Nevertheless, there is always a quite uncomplicated solution even for such a problem. Renting a car at the Kastelli airport or beforehand, on our website will allow you to make it to Heraklion city with the highest comfort or ride to other equally well-known tourism spots, such as, to the city of Agios Nikolaos.

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