About Car rental Crete

About Car rental Crete

Car rentals on Crete

The Island of Crete considered to be one of the most appealing tourist spots on our planet. This island may offer absolutely anything, that can interest exotic and travel lovers: lovely nature, enchanting beaches with many kinds of entertainment and incredibly many points of interest for every taste.

Crete is a touristic paradise

In an area of just 8300 km², you will find unique lakes and mysterious caves. According to myths the splendid Aphrodite loved swimming in Lake Voulismeni, which is located in the town of Agios Nikolaos, thunderer Zeus was born in one of those caves. There are certainly stunning museums, where you can learn a lot about the Minoan culture, ancient palaces and fountains of the Byzantine era, harsh fortresses, and enigmatic monasteries, whose walls remember plenty of tragic historical events on Crete. There is also the renowned Kuchuk Hassan Mosque, a breathtaking view to the old port and one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, which has been guiding sailors in the 16th century with its light. And this is far from a complete list of the attractions of just one Crete settlement - the city of Chania.

Would you like to see as much as possible and feeling fresh and energetic in the evening? Besides the spots mentioned above, there are a lot more places to visit, such as taverns and cafes, thousands of shops selling craftworks, and much more.

If you are a car driver:

One of the best options “to see too much of the world at once” and visit the most spectacular spots with limited time is rental cars on Crete. If you are driving a car well, a comfortable vehicle will help you to solve several problems:

  1.You will be able to visit any place you wish – if, of course, there is a road laid out.
  2.You will choose destinations that excite you most.
  3.It will save you time and energy. Tired and exhausted by the heat tourist will hardly enjoy visiting museums, palaces, and fountains.
  4.It’s a perfect option for a family holiday or traveling to romantic spots.
You may arrive at the decision to rent a car on Crete after your tickets are booked, but it is safer and more beneficial to do it before you get off the plane ladder.

Advantages of online booking:

Nowadays the majority of companies, that providing car rentals on Crete, doing business online. What are the benefits of this method?
  1.You have the opportunity to choose the best car at the most comfortable price.
  2.You can carefully study the terms of a contract, insurance features, and other important nuances that are easy to miss when renting a car upon arrival.
  3.There is a chance to choose the most optimal car for the most affordable price without any hustle.
  4.A rental car may be delivered to any convenient place: to the airport or to your hotel.

Needless to say, that in this case you will not have a chance to take a look at a car, test drive it, which means you cannot personally evaluate the condition of a car. However, our company will not stake its many years reputation in order to get short-lived benefits, by providing such a service. There are plenty of forums, where you can find reviews about the quality of our service, that we provide to the tourists.
Our carpark has a car for every budget. You will be able to book a car considering your own preferences. We are providing plenty of options: minivan – suitable for a large group of people or family with kids, convertible car, which will delight daring and young, reliable sedan will be appropriate for a couple at a venerable age.
The most important thing is that we provide maximum insurance cover for all our cars! It means, that you will be able to travel without worrying about the car that may break, and you will have to compensate for damage. Believe us, our priority is to make your holiday most relaxed and followed by highly positive emotions. Are you used to driving Renault or do you prefer Hyundai? We will provide you a car that you used to drive in your home country or you may choose something completely new for yourself. Our convenient car booking system will help you to decide, and if you will need any help – don’t hesitate to contact us, our experts will give you complete answers to all your questions.

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