Crete Gorges

Crete Gorges

Crete Gorges end Canyons

The canyons of this gorgeous isle are of huge interest to travellers who prefer outdoor activities, sometimes with elements of mountaineering instead of the countless beaches of Crete. Lovers of canyoning will be able to get their portion of the drive, overcoming the steep cliffs of the gorges Tsutsuras, Kalami, Ha or Arvi. You will have to have special facilities and reliable guidance here. However, there are also universally accessible, unbelievably splendid canyons, teeming with charming monuments of ancient culture, churches and monasteries of Crete - it can be visited even with kids.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is in the number of the most frequently visited tourist spots in Crete. It is the gigantic gorge in Europe: its length is around 18 km. Researchers have revealed a lot of valuable antiquities dating back to various eras of the Crete history. It is widely known that this place served as a reliable shelter for rebels and partisans bunch of times.

Samarian nature is a large number of unique singular plant and animal species. Here you can meet spinney of the Cretan cypress tree, and if you are quite fortunate - feast your eyes on the graceful endemic goats Cree-Cree. Nowadays Samaria is a national park, the special organic complex of which is under government guidance.

Here you can refresh your strength from the purest natural springs, feast your eyes on the ancient Byzantine chapels and go for a walk along the streets of the forsaken village of Samaria, whose buildings are created in the typical architectural style of the Crete.

Kurtaliotico Gorge

Kurtaliotico Gorge is positioned 22 km south of the Rethymnon city. The nature of the gorge, the wild charm of Kurtaliotico blown away even sophisticated travellers. You will constantly hear the sound of the wind, which is an integral part of the ruthless landscape. In order to explore Kurtaliiotiko, you can use the observation deck or a convenient downhill path.

Moving along the pathway, you will reach the church of St. Nicholas and then come to the Preveli river, where you should undoubtedly admire the ancient bridge and the sparkling waterfalls that collapse down.

Imbros Gorge

The Imbros gorge, positioned in the southern region of the aisle, takes the second place in terms of attendance and popularity among tourists. Using the car hire service in Crete, you can get here by car and take gorgeous photoshoots from the observation platforms based on the road.

The nature of the Imbros gorge is remarkably diverse: considering a relatively small spread, you will see steep, almost plumb cliffs, and groves of gigantic oaks and pines. Historically, it was Imbros that represented the road connecting the village of Sfakia with the rest of Crete.

At some locations, the passageway between the rocks does not exceed 2 m, and you will get a great deal of stones under your feet, so tourists should get comfortable and durable shoes with them.

Gorge Boriana

Boriana is a scenic gorge, overgrown with dense greenery, positioned at a considerable distance from popular tourist routes. The total length of the gorge is approximately one and a half kilometres. A tourist path, passing through remarkably gorgeous landscapes, is well equipped. You can see the entrance to the abandoned mines. Its visit has been forbidden for several years.
In the gorge, you will certainly see lots of old buildings, among which the remains of a water mill are exceptionally impressive.

Topolia Gorge

The picturesque, impressing with its virgin magnificent nature, Topolia Gorge is situated 47 km from the downtown of Chania. Tourists are heading here to admire the fabulous nature and, obviously, pay a call to the temple of St. Sofia, positioned right away under the corpus of the cave. A tiny chapel is arranged in an amazingly exotic place, among the majestic stalactites and stalagmites, which serve as a natural decoration of the cave.

Thanks to the river flowing here, the microclimate of the Topolia Gorge is fairly soft. Even in the midst of the summer season, you can always find the shadow of imperious oaks and sycamore. The fauna and flora are very extraordinary. Scientists detected some species of animals and plants that are not found in other regions.

There is various settlement nearby the Topolia gorge, where you can purchase local goods and some souvenirs. A journey to this stunning spot will be even more enjoyable if you rent a car in Crete in advance.

The Gorge of Aradena

Aradena Gorge is the ideal spot for those who prefer extreme vacation. If you wish, you can also pay a call to the canyon from the bridge, however, if you are not scared of the challenges during a seven kilometre long track, you can go on this small hiking trip to experience the glory of pristine, wild nature among the harsh rocks, abrupt descents and ascents.

The route originates at the Aradena village, which has long been deserted due to the conflict of the two clans. Aradena Canyon ends with access to the sea. Obviously, you can go along the gorge and in the opposite direction, however in such a situation, you will have to climb through a rather complicated path along the entire path. There is a place for bungee jumping at a height of 140 m for extreme sports lovers.

Rouvas Gorge

The gorge, positioned among the majestic Psiloritis mountains, allures with its majestic, severe beauty. The length of it is 4 km. Here you can visit two Orthodox shrines at once - the monastery and the church of St. Nicholas.

The nature of the gorge is extraordinarily vivid, along the way you will see many steep, steep cliffs, several deep ravines and you can make stunning memorable photoshoots of the old aqueduct ruins.

Mili Gorge

This gorge next to the city of Rethymno is ideal for a family hiking trip. The Gorge is truly a very impressive spot: there are plenty of mills, natural sources and vivid ruins of an ancient aqueduct. Thanks to the abundance of greenery and the special charm of the landscape, your hike will be pleasant and not too exhausting. There is a settlement nearby where you will find few taverns. Here you can chill out and have a bite. Nevertheless, your journey will be even more enjoyable if you use rental cars Crete during the trips - it is beneficial, convenient and safe.

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