Routes of Crete. With a rented car.

Knossos Palace

Knossos Palace is one of the biggest palaces which were built by Minoans: more than a thousand rooms and halls for different uses. According to myths Knossos was a land capital of Minos, where he lived. In essence it was not just the residence of the king and the highest dignitary, but administrative and economic center, so the Knossos city was build around it.

Monastery Paliani

The nunnery of Paliani is considered as one of the oldest monasteries in Crete and is located at the altitude of 280 meters. The monastery is dedicated to the Assumption and celebrates on August 15. The trademark of Poliani is the Holy Myrtle, and old tree which is considered miracoluos.


The first capital of Crete in the Roman era. Gortyna city has an unbroken history of 6.000 years and is one of the most extensive archeological sites in Greece. Different people have lived here as well as different states and civilizations. Today, the city of Gortyn preserved many unique attractions of different times. One of the most famous discoveries that is preserved to this day is a set of laws of V century BC, carved on a large stone.


One of the four most well known and largest palaces of Crete . The most famous attraction is the so-called clay Phaistos Disk, which have not been deciphered to this day.


A small village located on the southern coast of Crete. There have been many pages of history here. They say that at the time of Neolithic era ancient people carved caves in the rocks, heaven knows what purposes had these different shapes and sizes, but according to some assumptions it could be rock monastery or ancient burials. In the late 70`s of last century, these comfortable caves were shelters for hippies.


This area of the island is particularly attractive with its spectacular scenery. Abundant supply of fresh water from streams and springs lured here Minoans and Romans. In Ancient times, these sources supplied water to the largest city of Crete Gortyna.


The largest urban center in Crete got its name in honor of the Greek hero Hercules, committed in Crete one of his exploits. The first European civilization, the Minoan civilization, flourished on this land 5.000 years ago. Today it is the capital of region and economic centre of island, one of the most popular destinations with dynamic infrastructure, boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops and bustling cafes with flavors of local cuisine, as well as large number of historical sites and buildings.

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