Cave of Zeus Kardiotissa Monastery Route3

Cave of Zeus Kardiotissa Monastery Route3

On a rented car to the Lassiti Plateau

Krassi Village

Cozy mountain village and a beautiful corner of Crete. Due to the various springs, village is covered with plane trees, walnut trees as well as different kinds of vegetation. Krassi it famous for 2 reasons: First is one of the oldest and biggest plane trees in Crete, that is located on the central square, remembering historical events of the island, and second, ancient springs with its famous Venetian laundry

Kardiotissa Monastery

Female Monastery of Kera Kardiotissa is mainly famous for its icon of Virgin Mary, which is believed to have performed may miracles. Monastery is located at the altitude of 622 meters in beautiful place surrounded by rocky mountains.

Viewpoint (Homo Sapience)

On the way to the Lassithi plateau, near the Museum of Homo sapiens Is located viewpoint which offers extremely beautiful view of the surroundings at the altitude of 803 meters.


The spectacular vision of windmills on the Lassithi Plateu that reminds sail boats due to its canvas blades. They remind us of a past when man and nature coexisted in harmony.


Psihro village is located at the altitude of 840 meters. Village got its name and was built around the source of fresh water called Psihro. There is a ceramic workshop center of traditional crafts and products, where one can sculpture with his hands a small make.

Cave of Zeus

Cave was a sacred place during the times of the Minoans, later in the Hellenistic period it became a place of worship of Zeus. Throughout the history it is a place where people have never lived. Entrance to the ancient shrine is located at the altitude of 1025 meters, towering above Lassiti plateau


SmallcozytraditionalGreektown. It is center of olive oil production, which is why around the Mochos stretched for miles olive groves. Mochos is a suitable place to have a lunch or dinner in the completion of the route and in order to make it tasty we suggest Odysseus tavern.

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