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Super Market Xalkiadakis

We have a lot of reasons to be proud.First of all, at Super Market Chalkiadakis, we are proud of our origins, as well as of the people, who love cretan land and exploit it properly in order to produce not only high-quality products but also products distinguished worldwide. We are proud, more than other chains of supermarkets, of cretan producers precense . A fact that makes us feel honored. At Super Market Chalkiadakis, for the last 40 years, we have been making the first step in collaboration with upcoming cretan producers. We support their efforts, promoting their products both in Crete and in Greece. We are in collaboration with more than 400 producers, providing more the 2.500 cretan products on our shelves. We are proud of all of you, who have embraced cretan production, making it almost one fourth of our overall sales. In this way, the local economy, in which we all belong to (customers, suppliers, producers, employees), is supported. We are proud of achieving to respond to your requirements for more cretan premium quality products. So, we give it back to you!

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