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Spring on Crete

In spring Crete is covered with orange grovesin bloom, fresh greenery is on the slopes and in valleys, snow caps are still visible on Lefka Ori (White mountains), and clean air is filled with the scent of blooming mountain grass. Time of rains and bad weather has passed. Crete is sunny in March. There is no sweltering heat: the temperatures are in the afternoon in March 18° and in April—to 23°. You can walk even whole day, rent a bike (or car) and drive on the outskirts of the town, where you will take a spring vacation. What about a horse walk or a jeep safari, if you are an extreme traveler? Routes run along old villages, olive plantations, deserted gorges and shores. Crete in spring is not a tourist island at all — it is a real one… In the evenings it is still cool, so besides the usual T-shirts and sundresses, it is worth taking a sweater and a light jacket with you, if you go to the gorge or just to the mountains. If you are not thinking of vacation without swimming in the sea, then it is better to come in late spring, because the water is still quite cold in April (about 17 degrees). Although after doing raki shots, some brave souls will definitely plunge into the sea. And besides, there will be a reason to warm up with rakomelo! In the spring there is no summer crowd: the more valuable is each meeting and… the lower are prices in hotels and taverns. The museums are already open, but do not forget that in the summer many ancient ruins are flooded with merciless sun, so the spring is the time to wander through the open archaeological sites. As for hospitality, it does not depend on the season: you will be welcome by Greeks here all year round, from January to December.

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