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The questions of our readers are answered by Booking Manager of company TheNewCrete.

If we bought tickets or tour, when we need and can book a car?

You can book a car at any time. Of course, early booking is always better. The closer to the high season, the higher the prices become. Therefore, if the tickets are in your hands and you know the exact dates of your trip, do not delay the booking for a long time. In our company, we meet the guests, and in the event of any force majeure, and cancellation of the intended trip, we will return the prepayment. This is no problem. The main thing is to state on the cancellation of a trip five days before the planned delivery of car.

How to book car?

Reservation is very simply: you made it on our website, and it takes just three minutes. You need to indicate the dates, time and place of the car’s delivering and return, select the model and fill in the questionnaire. Then you will receive a letter with payment confirmation and voucher.

What about insurance in your car rental company? Is it complete, covers all the risks? Do you demand some pledge?

Our insurance is complete and included in the price of the car. The most important thing is not to violate just five rules, four of which are the basic ones on the road: do not drink and drive, do not drive onto the oncoming lane, do not overtake using the oncoming lane and always do not run a STOP sign. The fifth one is not to drive on dirt roads! This is especially true of the road to Balos. Please, be attentive and treats the rental car as if it is yours. If any problems arise with the machine or in case you need some help, the emergency telephone number is registered in the contract and you need to call immediately! We will be in touch round-of-the-clock and always ready to help. And we do not demand any pledge! There is only a prepayment deducted from the full renting price.

 What is the prepayment amount and how to make it?

On our website, prepayment is 20% in Euros and occurs directly there.

How will we meet at the airport on Heraklion or Chania  if we want to get a car immediately upon arrival?

Immediately after receiving the baggage at the exit from the terminal, you will see our employee standing among the guests and having a sign with the name of the guest, and our green logo TheNewCrete. It will be difficult to get lost otherwise you may call us.

Does your company have bonuses depending on the duration of the lease?

Of course. On the site in the order system, we already have it. The math is very simple: the much rental days, the cheaper the day. Sometimes it is even cheaper to take a car for the whole vacation than to break the rent into several parts, because you are mobile and can visit new places at least every day and swim at different beaches, which is great!

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