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Cretan raisins

In February this year, the European Commission approved the assignment of the status of a protected geographical indication (PGI) to another product from Greece, Cretan raisins «sultanina» (Stafida Soultanina Kritis, PGI). The name is officially added to the list of protected products which contains already more than 1,310 titles.Raisins «Sultanina» are produced in Crete and the surrounding islands located to the north and south of it. Crete has a Mediterranean climate (warm and dry summers and mild and rainy winters) with ideal conditions for grape cultivation. Raisins are produced from the grape variety Cretan Sultanina, which is grown on the island and harvested from mid-August to mid-September.Raisins color varies from nearly white to brown, their sugar content is not less than 75%. The weight of a raisin is between 0,3 to 0,6 grams.






























The Sultanina as a grape variety has gained economic importance after 1922, when on Crete arrived refugees from Asia Minor with wide experience in the grape production.Founded in 1981, the traditional family tavern “Sirocco” is on the Bay of Lygaria near the resort town Agiya-Pelagia.Its managers are three brothers who with the families themselves cook and serve: good, clean and fair. All meals are homemade. Fresh food (vegetables from the family garden), impressive portions, adept cooking, friendly atmosphere and enchanting sea view.Right in front of the tavern is equipped beach with showers. After swimming in the sea, sunbathing and having a rest, you can take ten steps and have a delicious meal with your kids at lunch time.Taste grilled kolohtipa (the Aegean lobster) or lamb chops, Greek salad with glistridoy (the kind of edible grass), saganaki cheese, kebab and of course delicious fresh fish, both grilled and fried. The choice is always there.The optimum ratio between price and quality. At the end of the lunch, you receive a complimentary welcome plate: fruit, small cake and small cake and a raki drink.


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