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Amazing Taste Cretan salad with orange

This Greek dish is a special one, having an unusual taste.

Cretan salad with oranges, cheese and onions. It has a wonderful orange aroma and tart taste. You have to try it.

















Thus, you need to use for this Greek salad dish: 4-5 oranges, 1 onion is cut into thin slices, 80 grams of soft cheese, feta cheese or curds (anthotyros) and olive oil. Preparation: soak the onions in cold water for 2-3 minutes, take out and shake off excess water peel the oranges and each slice cut the orange slices into pieces in a bowl and sprinkle with onions, cheese, add olive oil and pepper.

Oranges, chards and wine. Simple lunch after picking vegetables with Manolis in Spili village.
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