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Amarino The foam of Psiloritis! Lava cake recipe!

Creamy and light, this cheese is made from sheep and goat milk, 25% (sheep) -75% (goat), produced immediately after pasteurization of milk, placed in special coagulation containers for 1 day, hanging in pants to expels its liquids and is packed in just 3 days after its production! Low fat (only 16%), but rich in nutrition and delicacy. The freshest cheese that can reach your table and be consumed purely or in dozens of salty and sweet recipes. It is the delicious secret of the Cretan salad!




– 2 + ½ cup of flour

– ½ cup of cacao

– 2 tbs. bakin powder

– ½ tbs. salt

– 200 gr. butter

– 1+ ½ cup of sugar

– 1 egg – 1 vanilla

– ¼ cup of milk


– 5 tbs. butter

– 150 gr. Amarino

– 1 cup of powered sugar

– 1 vanilla 1+ ¼ whipping cream

Implementation :

Mix flour, cocoa and salt. Beat the butter in the mixer with the sugar and add the egg, the vanilla and in the end the milk. Pour the mixture to the flour and stir until it becomes a soft dough. Prepare the filling by stirring the butter with Amarino, vanilla, powered sugar and finally the whipping cream until it becomes smooth. We open the dough by hand and lay it in the individual formulas. Fill with a tablespoon of the filling and cover with another piece of dough. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.


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