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11 reasons to visit Crete in winter!

Crete is an ideal place to visit all year round. Its mild climate and its unique mountainous features attract visitors before and after the established tourist summer season. Crete’s stunning natural beauty awakens in visitors an imperative need to discover its mountains, its gorges, its paths. 1. VIRGIN BEACHES AND SEASCAPES There are more than […]

Retsina Renaissance

The ancient Greeks taught humanity an important craft – winemaking. Unfortunately, most of their secrets were lost. However, there was one recipe that has been preserved and has reached our days – the resin wine «Retsina». This is the business card of Greece, its manufacturing technology is allowed exclusively in this country. Retsina is a […]


Best Time for Good Weather and Swimming The warmest weather in Crete is between May and October when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming. Water temperature heats throughout the summer months and is warmest in August and September. Since most people go to Crete for the beaches it’s pretty quiet at […]

Beer in Crete

Greece is a country of wine, not beer. The vast majority of the local population prefers a grape drink to a barley one, but beer is produced and sold in Greece quite a lot, although its main consumers are numerous tourists. If you have visited Crete, then you can easily list the typical selection of […]


The most famous places for canyoning on the island are Kalami, Arvi and Tsutsuras, where tourists climb up imposing cliffs, overcome elevations and cross water streams. Very impressive is Ha gorge with its vertical walls: there are many ways to overcome it, but they are all quite difficult. Popular is Kourtaliotiko gorge, where water flows […]

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