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это очень живописное местечко, представляющее собой несколько небольших деревушек, пляжей и высоких скал, расположенных вдоль главной дороги между Ираклионом (45 км) и Ретимно (28 км). Свое название поселок носит со времен турецкого правления, и слово «бали» по-турецки означает «мёд». Его здесь добывают на пасеках, устроенных прямо в горах. Бали уютно раскинулось вокруг четырех небольших бухт. […]

One more gift from Crete! Spices and herbs!

Our newspaper has previously written about the Creta Carob (carob syrup) and Cretan soap. What else can you bring as a gift from this island? Crete is very famous for its herbs that grow almost everywhere: in the mountains, coastal areas, and even in settlements. Crete is a real pantry of not only fragrant, but […]

Lyrarakis, wine and Crete

«The sun drinks grapes, and we drink wine from grapes: we drink the sun!» I don’t remember who said this, but it was absolutely right… It penetrated all capillaries, warming and delighting: «Vidiano», «Muscat of Spina», «ZaZaZu». The main thing on all bottles were listed «Lyrarakis». This is the name of the winery, where they […]

The Festival of shepherds and cheese-makers in August,It is worth visiting!!!

There are great news for all Cretan cheese lovers  ! On April 21, Manolis Parasiris, a hereditary cheesemaker with vast experience, as well as an active member of Zoniana village team, arranged a festival for the 10th anniversary festival of shepherds and cheese-makers in Zoniana, which will take place on August 15 directly opposite beautiful […]

«My big Greek wedding» in Crete

Summer is coming, which means that it is not only the time for tourists, but also for weddings. How does a wedding in Crete begins? Well, concerning relationships, marriage proposal, engagement – this is understandable, but before the wedding there is a preamble! So is the meaning of the Greek word progamos-πρόγαμος. The preamble is […]

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